Tracking Studies

Satisfaction & Loyalty Research

Customer satisfaction research is one of the most important research studies any company can undertake. Satisfied customers, or more accurately, loyal and "committed" customers, are a company's most important asset. Using focus groups, surveys and regression analysis, we get at the root of not just customer satisfaction, but customer loyalty and commitment.

Key Questions Answered:

- What are the primary drivers of customer satisfaction?

- What are the minimum levels of satisfaction expectation?

- Which drivers of satisfaction are below expectations?

- What value-added elements of our products or services can give us a competitive advantage?

- How well are we providing these value-added elements?

- How do our products compare with competitors' products?


Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is the researchers where we posing as shoppers to determine the effectiveness of sales personnel in retail or service outlets.

The benefits of a Mystery Shopper program are virtually endless. Improving customer service and monitoring your staff while you are off-site is just the beginning.

Key Questions Answered:

- If employees are representing your brand correctly

- If selling opportunities are being maximized

- Why your customers may, or may not want come back

- If service is consistent across all employees and all locations.

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