Qualitative Research

Focus Groups

The purpose of qualitative research is to see and hear your target audience discuss, in an interactive, dynamic fashion, the topics of interest (i.e., your products, new product concepts, the image of your company) in order to provide more insight, or a different perspective, than can usually be obtained in the rows and columns of numbers generated by a quantitative study.

The focus group concept originated in clinical psychology as a device to get people to "open up" through the synergy or dynamic that only group discussions can create.


Branding and Competitive Assessment Research

These studies assess and track brand esteem, brand awareness and brand associations. Strong brands start with high levels of awareness relative to the competition. With high awareness companies can create strong brand associations in the minds of customers. In these studies we use both qualitative and quantitative techniques to identify the most important brand associations – or purchase factors.

Key Questions Answered:

- What is our brand's level of awareness compared with competitor brands?

- Which competitors "own" the most important brand associations?

- What is the level of loyalty among our customers?

- What are the factors that are creating, or hurting, customer loyalty?

- What is the level of overall brand esteem among the key competitors?

- What are the areas that needs to be improved in order to increase the esteem of our brand?

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