ICR Expertise

ICR Expertise

We, at INSIGHT, understand the product life cycle. Hence, our methodology is customized to address complex business issues and foster brand growth for industry leaders around the globe.

Our research methodology responds to answering client needs irrespective of the product life cycle


Marketing Research Planning

Most companies, in our experience, do not always plan for research the way they should. Thus, many research studies are either not given the necessary budget allocations to do a proper piece of research, or it is done hastily without the required forethought to conduct research that provides the kind of information needed to make the decisions.

Marketing research, in order to be most effective in impacting decisions, needs to be planned and coordinated in advance so that when decisions are being made the information and insight needed to make those decisions will be there. ICR can sit down with you and discuss your marketing goals for the year, or next several years, and provide you with a research plan to help you achieve those goals.


Research Design

How the research is designed from the outset is the single most important aspect of any research study.

It is critical that these elements – questionnaire design, sampling design, and interviewing / recruiting procedures – are done properly by someone with a good deal of experience in these areas; otherwise, you run the great risk of basing your decisions on invalid and/or inaccurate information.

ICR will design all parts of the research project with the client. Our services include:

- Questionnaire design

- Survey sampling design

- Qualitative research recruiting questionnaire design

- Qualitative research discussion guide design

Data collection methodology development, including (Telephone, mail and Internet surveying In-person intercept interviewing Focus group recruiting - difficult target audiences Executive/"C"-level interviewing ).

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