ICR Added Value

Consultancy and Partnership

ICR is available as a partner to companies looking to manage their relationships with their research provider. We are the trusted consultant for sales, distribution, marketing and market research consultancy.

We strive to drive value out of your marketing and sales spends to produce a better ROI measured by pre-set KPIs.

Our scope of work can be on a per project basis, or as a long-term strategic alliance.


Strategic Marketing Planning

ICR is working with its clients in determining the critical strategic implications of the research findings and developing comprehensive plans to best position the company and take advantage of opportunities

Our company’s philosophy is that marketing research is only a means to an end. Therefore, the full value of our expertise is realized when we work with our clients following the research to determine the best tactics and strategy to accomplish their overall objectives.


Retail Audit Consulting & Servicing

Agency Relationship Management

In ICR, we handle the client / agency relationship and work on cutting the turn around time for prompt replies and actions on the agency side by going directly to the source and communicating with them the needed changes to rectify the problem.

Data Accuracy & Coverage

We at ICR are capable of providing statistical and data management/ processing consultancy that enhances the data accuracy of the panel and the reporting structure noting stability of the coverage to acceptable statistical levels.

Advanced Data Analysis

ICR is proud to be the agency that its key strength is the analysis of the data using advanced techniques in statistics and mathematics to come up with the insights and recommendations.

Retail Audit Consultancy

ICR offers these services which enables your company to benefit from. This will help your business unleash the potential within by redirecting efforts, resources, and time invested to achieve objectives in shorter time and with solid result.


Our Portfolio

To date, INSIGHT has worked with clients in diverse industries from healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, FMCG/CPG companies, automotive companies, telecom service providers and media companies. We are deeply committed to the quality of information and the actionability of insights that we deliver to our clients worldwide.


Why We Succeed

  • The basis of our success are our good relations with clients, regional partners, employees and local communities.
  • We know our clients and quickly recognize both their needs and their wishes. This helps us build close and successful relationships. 
  • We translate regional strategies to local markets. 
  • We constantly introduce new knowledge, technologies and innovative research ideas to enhance solutions for our clients. 
  • Our wide range of analytical tools result from our innovative spark.
  • Our intellectual capital--the marketing and communication experts who have the business experience and core research talent to deliver a clear view of the dynamics of success in your marketplace.

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